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Graphene OXide Products

We Provide High quality of  Graphene Oxide made from modified hummers method and Its Dispersions

Graphene Oxide In Dubai

Graphene Oxide Grades Available.


Graphene Oxide-Powder

Higly Oxides Graphene powder have very good dispersion properties use to improve barrier, mechincal and thermal stregnths.


Graphene Oxide- Slurry

Improves Barrier Properities, high surface area. suitable for all kinds of heavy duty anti corrosion coatings


Reduced Graphene Oxide.

Reduced Graphene Oxide for enchanment of thermal, electrical and mechanical properites of polymers, and other matrixs.

Graphene Oxide Dispersions Available.


Graphene Oxide Dispersion in Water

Graphene Oxide stable dispersion in water. customize concentration also available .


Customized Graphene Oxide Dispersion in Various Solvent

Graphene Oxide stable dispersion in various organic and inorganic solvents, such us Xylene, DMF, NMP and much more. customized concentration also available .

Advantages of Graphene Oxide

Graphene oxide (GO) has several advantages that make it an attractive material for a variety of applications. Here are some of the major advantages of graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide is highly dispersed in water and organic solvents, making it easy to process and incorporate into a variety of materials.

Graphene oxide exhibits a large surface area due to its two-dimensional structure and the presence of oxygen functional groups. This high surface area enables good contact with other materials, making it suitable for catalysis, energy storage, adsorption, and other applications

Oxygenated functional groups on graphene oxide such as hydroxyl carboxyl’s provide sites for chemical modification and functionalization These functional groups allow the attachment of molecules, polymers, or nanoparticles to tune graphene oxide properties for a specific application

Despite the presence of oxygen functional groups, graphene oxide has excellent mechanical properties including high tensile strength. This justifies the strengthening of composites, increasing their mechanical strength and performance.

Optical properties: Graphene oxide exhibits unique optical properties, including strong absorption of light at different wavelengths. It can be used in photoelectric devices such as solar cells, photodetectors, and sensors.

Graphene oxide exhibits excellent barrier properties, effectively blocking air and moisture. It can be used as a barrier in packaging materials, protective coatings, and membranes for applications such as gas separation, water filtration and corrosion protection.



Why Graphene Oxide Used in Concrete

Graphene oxide (GO) has been investigated for its potential application in concrete due to its unique properties. Here are some ways that graphene oxide can be used in concrete.

Advanced technology: Adding graphene oxide to concrete can increase its mechanical properties, including tensile strength, flexural strength and stiffness Graphene oxide acts as a reinforcing agent, providing the overall structure of the concrete improves.

Increased durability: Concrete buildings are often exposed to environmental factors such as moisture, chemical and temperature changes, which can deteriorate over time Graphene oxide can increase the durability of concrete by reducing moisture, air and corrosion on, thereby enhancing its corrosion resistance

Enhanced Electrical Conductivity: Graphene oxide has excellent electrical conductivity, and with the addition of concrete, the electrical properties of the material can be improved This property is particularly useful in applications requiring electrical conductivity or electricity transmission protect, such as smart infrastructure, sensors, electromagnetic and interference ( EMI) protection

Graphene Oxide Products

At Nano Eternity, we specialize in offering high-quality graphene oxide products to meet the diverse needs of industries across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

We understand the growing demand for graphene oxide in various applications, including electronics, energy, composites, etc. Our Graphene Oxide for concrete can increase its mechanical properties, including tensile strength, flexural strength, and stiffness. Graphene oxide acts as a reinforcing agent, improving the concrete’s overall structure.

As a prominent Graphene Oxide manufacturer in Kuwait ( Graphene Oxide Supplier in Kuwait), we serve customers with top-notch graphene oxide products. Whether you’re in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or any other GCC country, our goal is to support your nanotechnology needs with our wide range of products, including graphene oxide and other nanomaterials.

Contact us to order Graphene OXide online in Saudi Arabia, where we strive to ship within the estimated delivery date. We provide international shipping services, delivering our graphene oxide products to your doorstep.

Delivery of Graphene Oxide Products

Estimated delivery date will be provided based on availability, normal processing, and quality Control and delivery time.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship within the estimated delivery date, The execution of this order is chance upon strikes, delays of carriers, fires and other delays and causes unavoidable or beyond our control.

We will provide graphene oxide products to many GCC countries, Such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bharain.

Goods ordered will be ship to the address given when the order was placed.

International customers are responsible for customs clearing,  duty, appropriate taxes, and separate and additional shipping cost. Nano Eternity has no knowledge what these charges may be. The customer is responsible for these additional charges.