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Graphene  Paint grade

When this particular grade is integrated into the primer, featuring a lower zinc content, it creates a robust and impermeable barrier layer. This layer effectively shields the substrate from moisture, oxygen, and corrosive agents, substantially minimizing the risk of corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of the coated surface. This environmentally friendly coating solution is designed to enhance durability and protective qualities

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Technical Specification

Purity 99.9%
Thickness 1-5 nm
Density 0.2 g/cm3
Surface Area ~ 200 m2/g
Physical Form  POWDER
Colour Black


Advantages of Graphene Composite Grade

  1. Its remarkable impermeability to gases, liquids, and corrosive substances renders it an optimal choice for bolstering the barrier characteristics of anti-corrosion coatings.
  2. It contributes significantly to offering top-tier protection against corrosion, thereby prolonging the operational life of vessels, offshore installations, markers, and various marine infrastructure.
  3. Graphene’s robust bonding attributes foster enhanced adhesion between the protective coating and the underlying surface, ensuring superior corrosion resistance.
  4. By bolstering interfacial adhesion strength and reducing the likelihood of coating delamination or detachment, graphene mitigates a prevalent trigger for corrosion initiation.
  5. It facilitates electron flow and augments the efficiency of cathodic protection, thereby minimizing the corrosion rate on metallic surfaces.

Applications of Graphene Composite Grade

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