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SILICON DIOXIDE Nano Particles Products

We Provide High quality of  Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles and Its Dispersions

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Silicon Dioxide Nano Particles Grades Available.


Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles have very good optical properties, High strength and mechnical properties, high thermal conductivity properties use in various matrixs

Silicon Dioxide Nano Particles Dispersions Available.


Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Dispersion in Water

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles stable dispersion in water. customize concentration also available .


Customized Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles Dispersion in Various Solvent

Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles stable dispersion in various organic and inorganic solvents, such us Xylene, DMF, NMP and much more. customized concentration also available .

Advantages of Silicon Dioxide Nano Particles

Silicon dioxide nanoparticles, also known as silica nanoparticles, offer several advantages that make them valuable in a variety of applications.


  1. Large Surface Area: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles have high surface area-to-volume ratio, giving large active surface area for interaction with other materials This property is useful for applications like adsorption, catalysis and drug delivery, as it provides reactivity with materials of the surface of the earth
  2. Optical Transparency: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles are optically transparent, enabling them to be used in various optical applications. They can be used as optical coatings, films, nanoparticles and used for applications such as anti-reflective coatings, optical sensors and imaging agents
  3. Thermal stability: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles exhibit excellent thermal stability, allowing them to be used at high temperatures. They can withstand high temperatures without significant degradation, making them suitable for heat-resistant coatings, flame-retardant materials and high-temperature coatings
  4. This property enables applications in chemical sensors, protective coatings and barrier materials.
  5. Electrical insulation: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles are electrical insulation materials with high dielectric strength and low electrical conductivity These properties are useful in electrical insulation applications, such as capacitors, electronic devices and insulation coatings.
  6. Mechanical Reinforcement: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles improves the mechanical properties of materials, including strength, stiffness, and toughness. When incorporated into polymers, ceramics, or composites, they act as reinforcing agents, improving the overall mechanical performance of the material.

Applications of Silicon Dioxide Nano Particles

Silicon dioxide nanoparticles, also known as silica nanoparticles, have many applications across various fields due to their unique properties.

  1. Coatings and films: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles are used to impart functionalities in coatings and films. Corrosion resistance, UV protection, and barrier properties against water, air, and chemicals can be enhanced. These coatings are used in the automotive, electronics, packaging and construction industries.
  2. Reinforcement fillers: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles can be incorporated into polymers, rubber and composite materials to improve their mechanical properties. They act as nutrients, improving strength, hardness and thermal stability. These nanocomposites find applications in automotive parts, toys and building materials.
  3. Water absorption: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles can be used in water coatings to create supernatants. These coatings repel water and prevent contamination, making them useful for self-cleaning products, antifouling coatings and waterproof fabrics .
  4. Thermal insulation: Silicon dioxide nanoparticles can be incorporated into insulating materials to enhance their thermal insulation properties. They reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency in applications such as insulation, thermal packaging, and thermal insulation.

Concrete Silicon dioxide can be added to reduce the permeability of concrete, especially in nano-silica particles. Nanoparticles fill the pores and capillary voids in the concrete matrix, improving its strength

As Nano Silica Suppliers In UAE, Nano Eternity provides innovative nanotechnology solutions that cater to diverse industrial needs. With our focus on research and development, we deliver high-quality silicon dioxide nanoparticles that have transformative potential across multiple sectors. 

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